About Mecoy Communications


Stories are powerful. They can convince. They can unite. And they will create the emotional connections needed to raise funds for your nonprofit, move your intended audiences to actions and sell your product, idea or company.

At Mecoy Communications, we are expert storytellers with decades of experience in researching and creating compelling narratives about companies, products, people, causes and more. We are a Los Angeles-based network of public affairs, public relations and communications specialists who develop winning communications strategies and can implement them for you.

Laura Mecoy, president

We’re large enough to handle complex assignments and small enough to ensure you get the personalized service you need from experienced professionals. We are nimble, cost-efficient and strategic. We consistently and efficiently deliver top-quality work on time and on budget, ensuring the maximum benefit for every dollar invested in our services.

Serving a wide range of clients

We have been privileged to represent a wide range of clients, including businesses, nonprofits, cities, government agencies, trade associations, advocacy groups, healthcare organizations and scientific research institutions. We have worked with them to enhance their existing programs, to launch new ones and to solve their communications challenges on projects ranging from brand development to crisis management.

We will work closely with you to understand your unique needs, define your intended audiences, develop the right messages, capitalize on social media and ensure your story gets told. We create the materials you need – from a basic media kit to a multi-faceted, multi-media campaign – and ensure they are delivered to the intended audiences.

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