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Dr. Michael Yeaman, infectious disease specialist, is the author of the latest study on a potential new vaccine to prevent MRSA.

Dr. David Yeaman, pictured, is the lead author of a study gaining attention in the media. He is among the LA BioMed researchers, who are tackling some of the biggest challenges in healthcare, including antibiotic-resistant infections that plague healthcare facilities and can also be contracted in the community.Their work to develop a vaccine against MRSA, one of the deadliest “superbugs” is attracting attention from infectious disease specialist around the country, as reported in the LA Daily News and many other news outlets today. Their work has also attracted a lot of attention in social media.

WilmerHale, one of the nation’s leading law firms, unveiled WilmerHale Launch today, a new website that is essentially a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs seeking advice, forms and information about how to get their startups started. It’s filled with useful information, interesting topics, videos and more. Take a look: It’s a very well-done site.